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The conditions for obtaining the online credit for self-employed people who want to take advantage of an online loan must allow the Credit Bureau query. There is no credit for the self-employed. On what terms is a loan granted to the self-employed? There are essentially two conditions that a borrower must meet in order to receive a self-employed loan. When you need a loan as an employee, it is usually not difficult – provided you have a good credit rating.

Who wants to take out a loan

Who wants to take out a loan

If you want to take out a loan without the involvement of the Federal Employment Agency, you have to meet some small requirements. In the case of a loan without mediation by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, there is no Credit Bureau check and no entry into the protection society. We have briefly listed further requirements for a better understanding.

The applicant for a loan without mediation by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority must be of age. Both Germans and foreigners (if they have a permanent place of residence in Germany) can apply for the loan without involving the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Credit Bureau). The applicant must be of age. A loan without mediation from the Federal Employment Agency can apply up to the age of sixty. If you are smaller or larger, a guarantor is required to make the payment before approval can be given.

It is very helpful that the applicant has a current account in Germany. The payment takes place on your German-language current account. In the case of a loan application without mediation by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, the following has to be fulfilled. If it is underneath, a guarantor can help.

Only a few documents are required for an application. In addition, a small list of the existing costs (electricity, rent, gasoline, etc.) is required. However, the spending schedule is not consulted on every application.

For these people, it is also possible to take out a loan without having to go through the company. A guarantor or a second applicant can help to approve the payment.

Advantages for our customers when applying for credit online

Advantages for our customers when applying for credit online

It is often not easy for companies to get a loan due to fluctuating earnings. However, there are service providers that specialize in financing for the self-employed and self-employed and have a wide range of corresponding offers.

The self-employed and freelancers generally do not have a secure income. The formal creditworthiness (eg in the Credit Bureau) is weakened in many cases and the taking up of a loan is increased.

In this case, bridge or growth financing is approved not only by your own bank, but also by other local credit institutions.

The loan agreement for the searched property is also concluded on the Internet. Every credit company requires the self-employed to meet certain conditions for the granting of a loan. In addition, some credit institutions are demanding that independence be maintained for three years.

Regardless of these requirements, the examination process for self-employed / SME entrepreneurs takes as long as for any other specialist group. To do this, you must enter the desired net amount and the credit target in the calculator. For many providers, the annual interest rate depends on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

After determining the loan term and amount, interested parties can send a binding request to the selected lender to determine their personal conditions. On the basis of the information available, the lenders calculate the respective interest rate and make an immediate binding commitment. Before accepting the offer, borrowers need to calculate their monthly borrowing costs to assess whether the loan is actually a good alternative for the self-employed and not an economic burden.

In the case of loans for the self-employed, borrowers therefore benefit much more from dedicated goods.

This significantly reduced default risk also gives banks particularly advantageous conditions.

For individuals as well as for companies, the following applies: with several current loans, it can be worthwhile to reschedule the debt – especially for old contracts. The redistribution of receivables is advantageous if a much better condition is possible with a new loan.

If a cheaper offer is actually available due to better credit conditions or better creditworthiness, rescheduling can save a lot of time.

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