Travel credit: 3 unusual destinations for 2020

Rather “Routard team” or “Lonely Planet” team? The Australian publishing house is walking on the borders of our famous “Guide” made in France. And his recommendations for a stay in 2020 are off the beaten track with exotic destinations! Travel that comes at a cost too. Besides using your savings, there is also travel credit if you want to smooth the cost of these getaways that are out of the ordinary over time.

Going high in Bhutan

Going high in Bhutan

Bouthan is located at the crossroads of Tibet, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Even if you are not a geographic ace, you understand, your stay at Bouthan will mainly be played in the mountains, on the peaks of the Himalayas. Here, no mass tourism or resort, but unspoiled landscapes in a country with a negative carbon footprint! Two weeks in this earthly paradise is a flight budget included (via India) of $ 4,000. A travel credit can finance part of it . Unlike a consumer loan allocated to the purchase of a specific good, this personal loan constitutes a sum of money that can be used freely without proof.

Aruba, the island of the future

Aruba, the island of the future

For many, holidays are above all synonymous with sun and seaside … There is a wide choice in this area, between the pearls of the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Maldives) and the most famous spots in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Barbados, Bahamas). But Lonely Planet offers another destination, Aruba. But why ? This Dutch island, very close to the coast of Venezuela away from the French West Indies, is a model of eco-responsible development since it consumes 100% renewable energy. Plastic is prohibited! The price of authenticity.

It still takes more than $ 5,000 for two weeks of love. A travel credit of $ 3,000 can partially finance it : we can, for example, smooth its cost over 36 months with monthly payments of less than $ 90 according to a Sara Monday simulation ( APR of 3.80%). But it is also possible to compare consumption credits to find the one that best fits your project and your profile.

Discover authentic Africa at Swatini

Discover authentic Africa at eSwatini

Sometimes brands change names, more rarely states too! This is the case of eSwatini, which was previously called Swaziland until 2018. A kingdom that does not have the fame of Kenya or South Africa and that is perhaps what constitutes its best asset! Because its landscapes and its fauna have nothing to envy to its neighbors in southern Africa. Its natural reserves do not (yet) overflow with tourists and its authentic settings lend themselves to many outdoor activities. A minimum budget of $ 3,500 will be required to set foot in this cradle of humanity. A personal loan of $ 2,000 can help to complete your financing: monthly payments over 24 months will be around $ 86 with an APR of 3.29% according to a Sara Monday simulation.

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